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When I started working with Jeff a few years ago I was in my early 60’s. Since I had always been physically active I wasn’t sure if working with a trainer at that point in my life would be productive-was I ever wrong. Not only was Jeff fun to work with but he helped me understand the importance of core strength for everything I did-and then helped me develop it. He always seemed to know just how hard to push me on any given day to maximize my workout without allowing me to hurt myself. If I was ailing he was very good at improvising and creating a new workout for that day on the spot. I actually finished a FULL IRONMAN and could function the next day. Much of what Jeff taught me I use everyday to maintain my core strength. Not only was Jeff a great trainer but he has become a good friend. Thanks Jeff for helping this “Old dude” do things he thought were never possible. Tom Bretz

Owner, The Original Mattress Factory

Jeff McMahon asked me to write a testimonial about my experiences training with him for the past several years. What do you say about a guy who is responsible for my losing 26 pounds (and keeping it off), losing two pants sizes, increasing my core strength. lowering my blood pressure, and rehabbing my artificial knee back to almost 100%? I credit him with all of the afore mentioned. I am not sure that anyone else could have challenged and motivated me the way Jeff has. He amazes me with his enthusiasm, knowledge, passion, and encouragement. I have trained with him for almost 4 years now and he has never repeated a workout.

Truth be known he has literally added years to my life and has also become a dear and trusted friend.  I had a total knee replacement on October 30 of 2013. I hadn’t been home from the hospital for three days and Jeff was at my house planning my rehab. I found this really pretty neat. He found it to be a personal challenge; to get me back in the gym and working on strengthening my new knee. Today my knee is nearly 100% and I climbed over 1200 steps in Scotland with my son on vacation. I could not have done this without his help. That kind of enthusiasm and dedication is an integral part of Jeff.

Steve Hill

Retired Principle, Sycamore High School

Approximately fourteen months ago, I came to Jeff McMahon with back pain and 25lbs of extra weight. At 47, quality of life as I age moved up significantly on my priority list. After my “fit” test, I left with a clear picture of just how out of shape I was. Jeff is a master at what he does and with his help, I lost the weight and have maintained that loss for over six months. My core is strong and I cannot remember the last time my back hurt.

In all of the time I have been going to Jeff, I have never repeated a workout. He is thoughtful and prepared each session, pushing me to my limits yet always mindful of where I am.

His nutritional advice and recipe suggestions have become welcome additions to my family’s diet.

I am stronger, healthier and more satisfied with my appearance than I have been in my entire life and I credit Jeff with attaining my goals. I would highly recommend him.

Leigh Lutz

I’ve tried every diet and nothing really stuck. I met Jeff McMahon about seven years ago. I weighted around 350 pounds. Jeff helped me develop a diet and exercise plan. It worked wonders! Within a years time, I went down to 240 pounds, was able to run three miles without stopping! I did go back to my old ways and went back up to 325. This was around a year after. I then was sleeved. This took place February of 2014, I started working out with Jeff again and with his help I’m down to 200 pounds feel better then I have… Well ever. Jeff truly knows how to help you reach your goal, is a great motivator, and knows how to build a relationship with his clients…he cares.


FG Anderson

Jeff’s always on time, if not he makes it up. Personality with Jeff is phenomenal and makes me comfortable and puts a client at ease so they don’t get discouraged. He’s reliable, Jeff makes it fun, get to build rapport with him and know as a person, and it’s just FUN. In reality I wouldn’t be working out and showing up if I didn’t have such a vested interest in Jeff and looking forward to seeing him 3x per week. And the accountability factor is necessary for me and Jeff holds me accountable to keep up with my health and fitness.

Michele Quimby



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